The Mark Cross Legend

1845- Mark Cross Company estabished in Boston, U.S.A. as saddlers and harnessmakers.

1875- Patrick Murphy, aged 17, joins Mark Cross Company. He eventually buys the company for $6,000. 

1888- Gerald Murphy born.

1892- Patrick Murphy moves Mark Cross Co. to New York and opens shop on Broadway. Saddlery and leathergoods are produced at a factory in Walsall, England for export to America.

1902- Mark Cross shop opened on Fifth Avenue, New York.

1912-1918- Gerald Murphy working for Mark Cross Co.

1915- Gerald Murphy marries Sara Wiborg.

1921- Sara and Gerald Murphy sail for Europe, setting up home in Paris. They become the center of a group of writers and artists. The Murphy's help to fund Diaghilev's "Ballet Russes". Picasso paints and draws Sara.

1923- Gerald Murphy's ballet, "Within the Quota", written with his close friend Cole Porter, is staged in Paris.

1924- Sara and Gerald introduced to Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, who become close friends.

1925- Sara and Gerald meet Ernest Hemingway. They help to support him financially.

1925- Sara and Gerald renovate and move to Villa at Cap d'Antibes on the French Riviera. They are later credited with "inventing" the summer season on the Riviera.

1929- The Murphy's move to Switzerland and are joined by Dorothy Parker.

1934- Gerald Murphy becomes President of Mark Cross Co.

1934- Scott Fitzgerald dedicates his novel "Tender is the Night" to Sara and Gerald. The main characters in the book, Dick and Nicole Diver, are partly inspired by Sara and Gerald.

1940- Scott Fitzgerald describes Gerald as "a friend through every dark time". Fitzgerald dies later that year.

1954- Mark Cross luggage features in Hitchcock's film "Rear Window".

1955- Gerald retires as President of Mark Cross after 21 years of service.

1964- Gerald dies aged 76.

1974- One man show of Gerald Murphy's paintings at Museum of Modern Art, New York.

1975- Sara Murphy dies aged 91.

1982- "Sara and Gerald: Villa America and After" by Honoria Murphy Donnelly published.

1991- "Letters from the Lost Generation: Gerald and Sara Murphy and Friends" is published.

1997- Mark Cross closed.

1998- "Everybody was so Young: Gerald and Sara Murphy" by Amanda Vaill is published. 

2010- Mark Cross reborn.